Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Caught On Camera

This is what happens when children have the use of cameras during Golden Time!
Miss Harrison goes a little crazy!
Read to succeed.
Pierre is creating a scary scarecrow.
Caitlyn is a little enthusiastic when hugging Cassidy!

Raymond is striking a pose!

Miss Lyttle enjoys a big hug.

Zack enjoys reading in unusual positions!

Caitlyn is practicing to become America's Next Top Model!

Nicole shared her birthday cake with the class and all the teachers. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and had a little party.

Sometimes we do our most creative work on the floor!

Thumbs up from Tristin.

Kenzie is just like Jamie Oliver!
Ainsley and Joely have made yummy play doh biscuits.

A gorgeous smile from Mollie.

The boys are building cars of the future.


  1. Zack's comment
    I love to read about sharks

  2. love the poses from caitlyn :), her mummy