Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Odd and Even

This is our 'Odd and Even Number Challenge'. We had to carry out an investigation and we even learned a song about odd and even numbers.


  1. Whoops it has changed again! Where did all the spooky Halloween maths games go? Don't leave them near my room - I hardly slept last night as they gave me the creeps! Talking about creeps, I like how you are all wearing your Halloween masks early this year...
    Love from Mrs Martin.x

    1. Hello everyone! I can't believe you are all in P3/4 now, you look so grown up in your photographs. I love to see you working hard in all your Literacy and Numeracy. Tell everyone in Black Mountain to keep up the good work and maybe I'll come and visit some day soon.

      Lots of love Miss Dillon

    2. Thank you Mrs Martin for making us giggle!

      We would love you to visit us Miss Dillon. We hope you are enjoying your new school and we miss you very much!