Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dream Bedrooms

Just before half term, I set my class a challenge to design and make a model of their dream bedroom. I was so impressed with their creations! Everyone made a huge effort and put a lot of hard work into their models. Well done P.3/4!

Ainsley's Dream Bedroom.
I love the curtains and posters on the wall!

Aleesha's Dream Bedroom.
So tidy and just look at that view from the window!
Caitlyn's Dream Bedroom.
I love this colour scheme and it has a huge chest of drawers for lots of clothes!
Caleb's Dream Bedroom.
Look at the football pillow! Very creative.
Cassidy's Dream Bedroom.
I love the look of that fluffy pillow - don't let the dog on the bed!
Daniel's Dream Bedroom.
A wonderful bedroom to celebrate the Olympics.
Jessica's Dream Bedroom.
This bed looks so cosy and comfortable!
J.J.'s Dream Bedroom.
I love the carpet! Hmmm, I wonder what football team J.J. supports?
Joely's Dream Bedroom.
This is a pretty bedroom any girl would love to have.
Kenzie's Dream Bedroom.
Hmmmm, I think Kenzie might like Chelsea!
Leah's Dream Bedroom.
Look at the computer in the corner - Leah loves homework!
Lewis's Dream Bedroom.
Wow! This bedroom looks just like a football pitch with lots of supporters!
Luke's Dream Bedroom.
Another football theme. This bedroom even has nets!
Mackenzie's Dream Bedroom.
Such a colourful room! This looks like a fun place to sleep.
Mollie's Dream Bedroom.
A bedroom fit for a princess.
Nicole's Dream Bedroom.
A pretty Hello Kitty theme with a fun basketball net!

Pierre's Dream Bedroom.
An army bedroom with lots of gadgets.
Raymond's Dream Bedroom.
Brilliant bunkbeds so a friend can sleep over.
Ryan's Dream Bedroom.
I love Ryan lying on the bed! A great bedroom with a huge TV and laptop.

 Tristin's Dream Bedroom.
A super imaginative bedroom with so many creative details!

Zack's Dream Bedroom.
A lovely fish theme for this colourful bedroom.



  1. I looooooove the fact that Ryan has used his old P3 cloakroom label in his dream bedroom ;-) I think I would like a go on the slide down from Mackenzie's tall bed and I just love the design of Tristin's room. I could sleep anywhere in the world depending where i put my head! Lots of fab, super girlie rooms too. I think you could make them into a hotel they are all so good!
    Love from Mrs Martin.

  2. there beds are the best beds i have ever seen they are amzing brillant faboulis lovey beds from Brandon Butler

  3. Well done everyone your bedrooms look fab. I think my dream bedroom would be made of chocolate :)

  4. all the bedrooms lookin good, great art wrk from ur class miss harrison :) from leahs mum steph