Thursday, 1 November 2012

Making Soup

On Tuesday 23rd October, the class joined with Mrs Martin's P.2/3 class and Mrs Hirthe's P.1 class to make soup using the vegetables we have grown in the community garden. We had lots of jobs for the children (scrubbing, sorting, peeling, chopping, etc) and while the teachers cleaned up, the children completed some Halloween colouring. The soup was delicious and every child took some home.  Sophie's mum (from P.2) made us croutons to sprinkle on top of the soup - it was yummy!



  1. i miss you miss harrison and miss lyttle

  2. i think we have some little jamie oliver's and nigella's at Blackmountain

  3. miss harrison is the best teacher in the whole wide world and i missed her over halloween

  4. Yes Jonine I agree! I hope to get a 3 course dinner made for me very soon!

    Tristin I missed you too! x