Monday, 21 October 2013

Spooktacular Halloween Crafts

Have a laugh with our goofy pumpkins.

Think of a spell to cast on Halloween.
Scary window decorations.
Fantastic fireworks.
Watch out for these wacky witches.
Go batty for these flying bats.


A Nurturing Classroom

We have a lovely 'chill-out zone' in our room. Sometimes when Miss Harrison is rambling on it sends the children to sleep!

Mr Twit

We have been reading The Twits in class and were inspired to create Mr Twit's beard! Look at all the disgusting things stuck on to it! Yuk!

A Special Visitor

On Thursday we had a new addition to our class - Kurtis brought his scout teddy to spend the day with us. He was very well behaved and fitted in well with the rest of the children!