Monday, 31 March 2014

Homework Task

Boys and girls imagine, if you will, a world made from chocolate and sweets. Can you see it in your mind? Think of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Perhaps strawberry milkshake would flow from your kitchen taps. Maybe your pillow would be a huge marshmallow. The possibilities are endless!
Now I want you to write down 3 advantages (good points) about living in a world like this, and 3 disadvantages (bad points) about a world made of chocolate and sweets.


  1. If the world was made from chocoiate and sweets The good things 1 we could have chocolate and sweet when want.2 we could have milkshake baths. 3 I would like my car car to be from sweet .The bad things 1 we would have bad teeth . 2 we would all be fat. 3 it would made us sick.

  2. You would have loads of sweets
    You could eat them when you want
    You would never go hungry.

    Your teeth would rot
    You would get sick
    You would turn into a balloon


  3. 3 advantages 1. I could help myself to sweets. one would ever get hungry one would die of thirst.
    3 disadvantages 1. everyones teeth would rot. 2. some sweets might blue mould. 3. that chocolate would melt in summer.
    By Ethan Nicholson.

  4. i would have a choclote house with lots of sweets.
    if you eat to many sweets could make you SICK. . i could give all my friend's and family.

    it could make your teeth fall out
    you wood want to try something different.
    if the sun came my house wood melt. by kaci-leigh

  5. Good points would be
    1 You will never be hungry.
    2 Mum and Dad dont need to cook.
    3 My bed qould be really comfy as it is made of marshmallows.

    Bad points are
    1 You can get fat eating too much sweets and chocolate.
    2 You can get stuck in chocolate mud.
    3 You can be sick eating too much sweets and chocolate.

  6. From Ryan Hunter

    1. eat sweets whenever I want
    2. never be hungry
    3. it would look cool
    1. your teeth would rot
    2. you would get fat
    3. I would eat everything inside the house

    Matthew Brown

  8. Great answers children! I'm impressed with your ideas. Well done!