Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day Homework

You have caught a leprechaun and it will grant you 3 wishes. What 3 wishes will you ask for and why? Use the power of your imagination and be as creative as you can. 


  1. My 3 wishes would be number 1is the summer never ends so I could stay up late every night!
    Number 2 a ginormous food factory so no one in the world ever runs out of food!
    Number 3 every body is happy all the time because it is my favourite song!
    By Ethan

    1. That's a great idea Ethan! Perhaps everyone could sing 'Happy' all day long?!

  2. My 3 wishes would be...
    1.wish it was summer all year round because I can stay out to play
    2.lots of dinosaur books because they are my favourite
    3.a motorbike factory because I want to drive a motorbike when i'm older


    1. I would love it to be summer all year round Noah!

  3. i wish for a beautiful vioce because i want to be a singer when im older.
    i wish for a baby sister or brother.
    i wish for my brother to be a footballer.

    abbie mcquiston

    1. You already have a beautiful voice Abbie!

  4. my 3 wishis wood be
    1 I wood stay in lanzarotte because theres 3 pools2
    2 I wood be a artist because I wood like it
    3 I wish I wood have a dog .


    1. You have great ideas for your wishes Mya!

  5. My three wishes would be to... in london because London is fun see my sister Faithe because i miss her be a singer because i want to

  6. My 3 wishes would be one in the world to get sick
    2. to have a swimming pool in my house for me and my sister to play in on rainy days.
    3. a lot of money to buy what ever I wanted and help others that have nothing
    Kurtis Sterling

  7. My three wishes would be:
    1. To build a real Minecraft world in Springmartin because I love the game so much.
    2. That everyone in the world had enough food so that they would never be hungry again.
    3. That I could build a snowman that would last forever because I hate when they melt.
    Matthew Brown

  8. 1 Be rich and will be able to give money to charity.
    2 Play football for sunderland because they are the best football team.
    3 Would like to be in a comedy film like home alone and do loads of pranks on the baddies.

    Ryan Hunter

    1. I love your 3rd wish Ryan! Very unique!