Monday, 19 October 2015

Spooky Spoontacular Disco

We held a whole school Hallowe'en disco with a difference. Each child had to bring a spoon with them to donate to a child in Africa. Did you know that spoons can help to keep kids in school? No? Then read on!
There are many barriers to education. In fact there are so many barriers that 58 million children around the world don’t have access to education. Those barriers could be caused by displacement due to natural disasters, or conflict, or cultural beliefs, or nomadic populations, or poverty.
Or disease.
In some countries, some areas, children are fighting a constant battle against illness, disease and parasites. The result can be days, weeks or months away from school – or far worse. Why do these children not eat with a spoon? They can't afford it. With funds in short supply in many schools they often have to make tough choices with spending priorities. 
So that’s how a spoon, a simple spoon, can help children to receive a quality education; by combating disease and giving them the opportunity to go to school without interruption. 
We collected lots of spoons to send to children who need them. Read more about this fantastic way to make a difference   #SpoonAppeal

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