Thursday, 10 September 2015

Puppet Pal

Meet Mrs Moore. She's a retired teacher from Dublin (yes, she has an Irish accent that sometimes turns Jamaican! I try my best!) and she loves to pop into our class for a chat, a song, a dance or just a cuddle. The children adore her!

Outdoor Literacy

Learning should never be restricted to the classroom. We found lots of ways to develop literacy skills in our garden. This idea was shared by a great teacher called Mike Watson. Can you name all the letters we made? We have put some upside down or on their side to make it more interesting...



Fabulous Friday

Every Friday we have Golden Time and a Friday treat. The whole class loved ice-cream Friday!

We Are Such Characters

In our classroom we have a huge dressing-up box. The children love to role-play and pretend to be different characters. Lucie got changed 6 times during one session! That's dedication!